Thursday 19th May 2022

Many eons have passed and I am still here. And the first book is in the bag and available on Amazon. More to follow because I want to make it available on other retail outlets. So, this is an attempt to improve my workings of this site, which I have neglected for too long.

Hi and if you have made it this far, then once again, welcome and thank you.

I like writing and like many new writers, there are few places to exhibit their work, especially short stories, some of which are 500 words, others are in thousands but too short for ‘Novel’ status. And like most writers, I would like people to read and enjoy them. There are tea or coffee break stories, bed time stories or evening by the fire stories and what better way than to create my own website and put them out there for free.

It is not all philanthropical because if you give feedback then I will hopefully hone my writing skills, which is something to which all writers should aspire.

Now, I am building this website myself and it is not easy. But once I have done what I can, I may look to having it made professionally. In the meantime, once the search engines are able to find it, I will have fun with it.


Sunday 1st June 2020

I wish I knew what I was doing. Today, I think I managed to alter the header menu button, but lost another one in the process. My next step is to upload a short children’s story and see how that goes.